We work on the assumption that education is key, and that opportunities - and not hand-outs - help people progress in the most effective and dignified way. Leaving behind the traditional view on aid, we purely focus on offering people the tools they need to become financially self-sufficient. 


We also believe that providing business support on an individual level is a powerful way of providing aid, as it allows the transition of in-depth knowledge. Besides, we strongly believe that the betterment of individuals flows into the collective. 


We realise our philosphy through the following three steps: 


Spotting Potential: Identifying industries within agriculture that are ripe for development and selecting individuals with the drive and potential to thrive in these industries.


Training & Product Development: Offering the education and assistance farmers need to create viable businesses. Experts and teachers work with the selected learners to give them the necessary skills and help them create quality products at a competitive price for the relevant industry. This empowers the participants to take control of their own livelihood. 

Creating Access to Market: While skill-development is an essential component of the program, the new businesses that are created will not be sustainable unless they have a route to market. When needed, we help create supply flows in the relevant areas that give the entrepreneurs fair, market-related prices, and a guaranteed income.

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