Buy a Moringa Tree Project

Donate a tree and provide a farmer the ability feed and school her family for the next 30 years

One tree, a life time of opportunity...

In Techiman, Ghana, entrepreneurial spirit is alive. Hundreds of farmers aspire to create sustainable futures for themselves and their families through small scale agriculture.

However, today, many farmers are unable to fulfil their entrepreneurial ambitions, as they face financial barriers to buying land, have limited access to information, and no clear route to market. Together, we can help change this.

The moringa tree can provide a solution. Turned into superfood supplements sold across the world, this tree grows from seed to harvest within four months and will live for 30 years, offering a life-time of income for Ghanian farmers. Growing Moringa trees enables them and their families to grow their income to build homes, gain education, and receive access to healthcare.

Cultivate, with your support, provides vital ingredients, unlocking long-lasting opportunities for Ghanian farmers.

With a $30 donation to The Buy A Moringa Tree Project, we will enable farmers to access land, moringa seeds and the equipment to grow it, in addition to offering training, workshops and a route to market. Each seed will begin to offer a financial return to the farmer in six months

Our Aim 

​Our target is to reach 8000 trees donated by February 2020, which will enable 40 farmers to establish and grow their own Moringa business.

Our Impact

At full capacity, each farmer on a half-acre will be able to harvest around $4750 per year in revenue. Over ten years, each dollar donated will give $6 back to the individual farmer. This extra income can cover the yearly costs of food, school fees, housing rent and utility bills for a family of four.

What you get

All donors will receive a gift to remember their investment. The top donor and one winning donor will receive the opportunity to visit the Moringa farm in Techiman when we reach our goal of 8000 trees.


Meet the Farmers

Farmer Interview

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Deborah I am 29 years old from the town of Nkraza, Ghana

How do you feel working on this project?

I am very excited working on the project and have my own business. 

How will this project help you and your family?

This project will earn me income that can foot my hospital bills, take care of my children and support my family to expand our trade opportunities.


This is not a hand out but opportunity for you to earn your own, do you prefer this and why?


I prefer this opportunity because it is going to give me a stable source of income as long as I am willing to work hard.

What would you like to achieve in the next ten  years in your life?

Acquisition of lands to expand my farm and build my own house for my family. 

How many people in your family will this project help support?

Twenty people who my income will help support.

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