We believe in entrepreneurship as a force for change

about cultivate foundation

We provide opportunities.

We identify individuals with the drive and potential to thrive who struggle financially.

how we work

how we work

We offer trade not aid.

We work together with the farmers, helping them grow their businesses and create better lives for their families.

We’re local.

Our team is 70-80% Ghanian and we’re on

the ground talking and working closely

with the farmers.

our community

get in touch

Whether you have a question about our work, want to get involved or just want to say hello, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us.

We support West African entrepreneurs in agribusiness so they can create high-quality, ethical products, develop a solid business model, and find a fair route to market. African-owned and managed agribusiness provides economic empowerment to those who need it, and introduces new fair trade products to the market.

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